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Full Version: Bad FPS until log out / log back in
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Hi All,

I've just set up XBMC Linux and gone through and set up video drivers but they only work if I log out of XBMC, log into Ubuntu and then log back into XBMC. It sounds to me like the drivers aren't being loaded when I auto log into XBMC at boot but where do I find the log in scrips and what lines should I be looking for?
^Bump! :-S
You could see if the driver is being loaded.

lsmod |grep nvidia

will show you if the nvidia driver is loaded.

Maybe the open source driver is being loaded, check with this

lsmod |grep nouveau

If the wrong driver is being loaded google 'blacklisting modules'
Thanks for the reply.

I've got an ATI card (9600xt) and I spent a while getting the right drivers loaded and working and thought it was all good coz the framerate was brilliant, but they just don't seem to load when it boots straight into XBMC...

What's the name of the default ATI drivers so I can try blacklisting them?

EDIT: I've determined from the XBMC logs that when it boots straight into XBMC it's loading the Mesa Project Software Rasterizer and after I've logged out and logged back it it's loading the Xorg 300 Project Gallium renderer.


Okay, this is officially driving me nuts...

How does XBMC decide on what modules to use at boot? (At boot it uses software rendering)

How does this differ from how the login menu loads it's modules? (After going back to the login screen it uses hardware rendering)

And how can I make sure that when it boots straight into XBMC it uses the correct modules? (i.e. the hardware rendering modules)


And we can expand this to my wireless network as well. The network never connects when booted straight into XBMC. It will not connect until I log into XBMCUbuntu and even then after 10-15 minutes it DC's and won't reconnect until I log into XBMCUbuntu and unplug / replug the device...
Well, never mind... I've ditched the official Live install and gone with an Arch Linux system.
Manually setting everything up has meant I've learnt a lot more anyway.

Still hasn't fixed the network issue. It seems to have something to do with the X environment so I've just switched to wireless.