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Full Version: [RESOLVED] Custom icon + Folder rename
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On my computer i have organized my films into different folders: each film has it's own folder, and these film-folders are also grouped in separate folders, allowing me to find the films easily. Because of that I use XBMC in file mode (video/file window). The name of the folder (not all of them) has some information about the film itself, like it is dubbed, subtitled, etc, like "Harry Potter - English" or "Harry Potter - French subs".

I have just finished scraping information about my collection, but for that i had to rename some folders to match the complete movie title, some were renamed by the scraper automatically. Because of that my folder structure is a bit loosened. I would like to ask a few questions/advices about that:

1. Is there any way to mark films in XBMC (file mode) with something, like an icon? For example to mark a folder with a red triangle (or anything else) that is displayed on the right near the title (like MP3 or SD icons), that does not mean anything for the program, only a mark for me (so I could use it instead of the "French subs" post-fix in the folder name).

2. I would like to rename some of the folders still, but if i do so, the movie information is not displayed. Is there any way to rename the folder, but keep the movie information as well?
And also, a subproblem I have faced: I cannot rename the folder to the original name, only to a different one. (If I rename to the original title, it will keep displaying the scraped name)

3. Is there any way to delete movie information of a specific folder? There are some films I could not scrape information for, they would be better to stay empty.

I am using Eden 11.0 on Windows XP 32 bit, with Port.hu scraper.

Thank you in advance.
Sorry, i was blind. I have found the option for my problems. If anyone's interested: Settings/Video/File List menu, using the "Replace names with Library titles" option.

Sorry once again for the false-alarm. [Topic can be closed/deleted if you want]
Thanks for telling the answer, but please add [RESOLVED] to your topic. This has two befinits:
- People who want to help (like me) are not wasting their time Wink
- People with a similar question could find the solution quicker.

Done, sry Blush
No need for apologize - most people don't even tell the solution after finding them Wink
I just replied because of your "[Topic can be closed/deleted if you want]" sentence.