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Full Version: Apple TV Take 2 Intro for XBMC
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I love the Apple TV intro videos, and I wanted to have one of them play whenever I start up XBMC. I found the intro video for the first gen Apple TV ( http://archive.org/details/AppleInc.AppleTVIntroMovie_0 ), but I'm really looking for the "Take 2" version. I found some versions on YouTube but they all look compressed and low quality. Does anybody have the MOV file directly pulled from the Apple TV? They obviously needed them to upload it to YouTube, so it has to be out there somewhere! Also, does the newest Apple TV have any intro? I haven't seen any mention of it, so I'm guessing they either kept it the same or pulled it from the 3rd gen. Thanks!

And I apologize is this request stomps on some copyright laws - I don't know how that works for something like this, especially since the first version is publicly available on archive.org.