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Full Version: Multiple USB Hard-disks, Movies are shown twice
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Hi there,

For quite a while now I'm enjoying XBMC but lately I'm experiencing a annoying problem. Since my database grew to large for my first and second external hard-drives I had to connect a third and fourth drive. I made a symlink towards the movie location on the new drives in the folder that XBMC is told to look for movies and series but for some reason they now show up twice in my database. I removed the symlinks from the folders and I rebuild my database but for some reason they still show up twice.

Are there files that I can check to see if maybe for some reason I'm telling XBMC to check the same location twice?

Kind Regards Smile
If two films have a different full file names XBMC will scan them both, so the same .mkv file in two different directories will give you two entries in the database. This can be useful e.g. you might have SD and HD versions of the same film.

Have you tried cleaning the database using System settings, Video, Library, Clean library? This should remove any entries if the file doesn't exist.

You can query the XBMC database using the SQLLite browser of your choice. From memory there's a Files table that you can do a grouping query on.