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Full Version: Kodi/XBMC in the media? Post links here
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That article has been out for a while, but I like it a lot, because it's the only one that noticed and acknowledged that we/I were attempting to clear up and answer a ton of arguments and questions on the social media accounts. It's nice to get the occasional recognition for what smounts to banging your head against the wall.
I'm splitting off a few of these. Remember guys, this thread is for Kodi in the news. not just links of people selling crappy versions of Kodi for money.

Not sure if its a helpful article or not,
Found a big article (cover) about Kodi on a very known Computer Magazine in Portugal - PC Guia - which is celebrating 20 years of existence this year. The article focus on creating the ultimate media center using a raspberry pi. They teach how to change the language, how to set up a library folder from your NAS and how to use the addons on the official repository. They also advertise the official raspberry pi case which was a great surprise:


However they illustrate the article using a Kodi setup which has some known banned addons (configured as shortcuts on the screen) and finalize the article focusing on banned repositories. They provide the URL and teach how to install one of the biggest. Despite making clear that is something that is not on the official repository and that by installing the external repository users are on their own, I still find rather disturbing such a big publication can't see a problem doing this "officially".
In addition to @enen92 post, I've come across this article about kodi's safety.

Is Kodi Legal? Safe?

People just don't realize that by installing third-party repo's, which offer illegal content, are opening a backdoor to malicious intents.
You could also replace every usage of "Kodi" with "Chrome", "Internet Explorer", "Edge", "Safari" or the name of your browser of choice and have it make almost exactly the same point.

It would have been nicer had they taken a more negative stance against the illegal usage though rather than sounding like a VPN salesman trying to scare people into using their service. Although that said the danger is certainly real, and sadly most users don't realise it and that add-ons aren't sandboxed and are essentially parallel programs/apps installed on their devices with the same access to their network as Kodi has.
Some interesting statistics on pirated Kodi

(2016-10-29, 12:14)blossom24 Wrote: [ -> ]https://torrentfreak.com/new-legislation...ed-161029/

Quote:“Someone in [Parliament] recommended an IPTV box to me for my London flat because it is quite a cheap way of accessing content, but I did not follow that advice because I would not want to access any illegal content,” Kerr said.

So people in the UK Parliament are using Kodi? I don't love that they're using the pirate addons, but do love that voting members of a government are using our software.
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