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Full Version: Kodi/XBMC in the media? Post links here
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(2017-05-24, 20:09)danlat1415 Wrote: [ -> ]A very good article by WHICH.
Explains what is actually legal, illegal and doesn't scaremonger


Installing Kodi on a Chromecast, good luck with that.

"The websites of several Israeli Kodi repositories and add-ons have been shut down this week, following legal action from a local anti-piracy group. The operators of the platforms reportedly agreed to pay a settlement of thousands of shekels and face a hefty fine if they relaunch their services."
@toineb - great avatar for the post Smile
I love Muttley! Devil
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How NAGRA fights Kodi and IPTV piracy


Windows 64 announcement.


Slashdot announces OpenELEC 8.0.4 Kodi-Focused Linux Distro Now Available, with comments.
The Best Skins for Kodi (and How to Customize Them)
Front page in the XDA developers forum.


Quote:Right now, the 64-bit Kodi is available for Windows only, but the XBMC/Kodi Foundation is working really hard to port the necessary libraries to other platforms, including Android.

How wrong can they be
Well...the law firm has a good track record.... Smile

(2017-06-07, 13:23)Karellen Wrote: [ -> ]Popular Kodi addons shutdown

No Engadget, why do you too now suck as seperating legal addon communities from illegal/piracy addons communities?! I normally like Engadget for their serious journalism in the technology area, but this re-report of that TF article have had very few fact checking done, if any.


They have now choosen to use the misleading clickbait title: "A piracy lawsuit is tearing Kodi's add-on community apart".

And in the article the make it sound as if piracy addons developers have same FOSS philosofies as Kodi's core developers:

"Many Kodi developers consider themselves hobbyists and administer add-ons in their free time for no financial reward."

In addition the writter of this article seem to think that Kodi is a company:

"Kodi -- the company behind the popular media center -- often finds itself entangled in legal action, even though it actively discourages the promotion of piracy add-ons on its platform. It provides the open source software but doesn't dictate which add-ons are allowed on the platform."

Well, fact is that Team-Kodi does dictate which add-ons are allowed in the official addon repo, just as Google dictate which apps are allowed in their Google Play app store for Android, but both platforms allow side-loading, still no one is hanging out Google of sideloaded illegal/piracy apps capabinity in Android.
Who's to blame for the Kodi crackdown?

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