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Full Version: Smart Playlist in the Home Menu
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Hi all !
I've just discovered the interest of the smart playlistes in order to make a difference within my database for children-proof movies and not.
So basically, I have two smart playlistes : Childen-Movies and Parents-Movies.
Is it possible to have a sort of shortcut in the Home Menu to have a direct access to those playlistes.
I've seen such a thing for Confluence but I really prefer Transparency!.

In the "Menu" folder of the theme's settings, I can add a personnalised button linked to a favourite but not to a smart playlist, but I hope I missed something obvious.

Thanks for your help !!!
Well, I finally found this thread and it answers my question : http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=123707
Thanks to all and especially to Ronie