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Full Version: Re-Touched (touch screen skin for 16x9 and 4x3)
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Great skin, would love to get this on my nexus 7.
i hope i will find the links hereWink
Quick heads up this touch screen skin should now be available in the internal XBMC Frodo add-on repository now. Its been fully updated (still no PVR sorry) supports both 4x3 and widescreen and should hopefully make life easier. As I've mentioned before its a little small on 7inch but is perfectly usable.

You may have to uninstall your old version if you have previously installed it manually from my zip file I posted and re-install it again because of some complications that are too boring to go into here Smile The version number of the new one is 2.0.0 so have a look at that when you try too install it
Nice! I especially love the quick access to recent movies/episodes.
Installed XMBC on a Kindle Fire, not the HD one, the one before that, and it works ok-ish. I've gone for the re-touched skin because it seems to be the only one with a volume slider. As mentioned before, slightly bigger buttons and volume slider would be very welcome. Keep up the good work.
Using this skin on my Nexus 7 and really like it.

Just wondering if there is any way (or if it can go on the to do list) of adding home screen shortcuts to the native android apps. At the moment you can only add shortcuts to add ons.
Using this skin on a HTPC with a wireless remote/mouse. The big tablet oriented buttons are great for the [inexact] touchpad on my remote.

Have a request--is there any way to add a "custom home item"? I know some/most skins allow this, and I'm thinking I'd like to split out my home movies (once I build the 10,000 .nfo files I'll need) and have a separate home button for these.

Also--is there a way to get rid of the battery icon. Obviously don't need it :-)

+1 on the option to remove the battery app. Also on the Dell PC I use with a touch screen the OSD buttons for movie playing stop working the moment the mouse cursor disappears and loses focus. Otherwise sensational skin, big buttons, sharp and easy to navigate Smile
Thanks Drummer1, downloaded that version and fixed touch screen issues, awesome clean and usable skin Smile

What is the ETA for PVR integration ? Thanks Smile
Currently building a touchscreen music system.

is there a way to get fanart to display with the visualisation when full screen when playing music?

Currently when music playback in full screen, its the visualisation on black background.
In confluence skin when playback in full screen, the visualisation is over the fanart, really like this view.

Also, is there a way to automatically go to full screen on music playback (apart from queuing, so user can add more) (get a feeling this will need to be done on the xbmc build and not the skin).

Also, personally I think the option Yes/No button to show music info (when playing) should be in settings and not on the OSD, it takes away from the clean look.

Really loved the skin, hope the work with PVR support goes well!
Hey Guys, having some trouble exiting out of this skin. I currently have a laptop running inside a jukebox I made that has a griffin powermate attached to it to control the volume and select options on the screen. I plan to use the standby feature and wake from usb via the powermate which has worked perfectly with the confluence skin. When I try to go into standby in Re-Touched my whole computer crashes. It just freezes and I can only hold down the power button to get out. I went into power settings and changed the option from Suspend to Quit to Restart etc, but it just keeps freezing on close. Anyone have any idea? I tried this on 12.0, 12.1, 12.2 appreciate any feedback

Since the default skin is working fine for me, is there anyway to change the function in re-touched so that when I hit exit it just suspends?

This is a great skin for my iPad 4.
I miss the PVR sections so I will switch skin depending on what I´m doing.
Thx Jezz-X

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