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Full Version: Re-Touched (touch screen skin for 16x9 and 4x3)
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have somebody the first version? like in the video?
I like the left media toolbar.

I need help to remove the button VOLUME in the right corner. Can somebody point me to the right file, where I can delete the button? Also I need to create a button which opens directly Videos -> Files. Please give me a few hints to modify XML files.

here is a very hackish version of the skin with the confluence TV part...
It is not pretty but it works, if someone wants to do better ... Smile
Thank you, this is not what i want , but help me a litlle.

I finished the integration of the Confluence LiveTV part in the re-touched skin!
Get it here:

EDIT: Wrong thread... Sorry moved to correct one.
I'm using one of the latest nightlies of XBMC Gotham, on Android 4.3 Tablet (Sony Xperia Z), with this beautiful skin - Re-Touched.

The problem I'm facing with is that the subtitles Add-On is not working for me on this skin.
It means that when pressing the download button, its just cause the OSD disappear, but nothing else happens.

When using the default skin - Confluence - the subtitles Add-On is working excellent.

Has someone tackled this kind of problem and might know how to solve it? Maybe an add-on change needed?

Thank you all in advance Smile

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Look at this thread : http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=186781
it's fixed in the fork...
How do I hide the cursor while using this skin? Kind of defeats the purpose of a touch skin if there is a cursor.

first of all i like your skin very much !

But one question - how I can Add on the Homescreen a few Music Addons ?

Like the Video Addons under "Video" in this screenshot ?


Edit: Maybe instead of "new TV Shows" or "new Movies" ... just want to have the Addons on Home/Mainscreen :/
There's an addons section on the main page. Doesnt that do what you want?
Just a though but this skin would be an awesome frontend for a touchscreen jukebox. And what would be awesome if the skin had a music fanart scraper that downloaded music artist fanart from the web to designated folder than it changed the main background picture to match the now playing artist (if anyone uses "zplayer" or "ubermusic? on android you would know what I mean). would really make this skin awesome.
no subtitles download yet?
Is there a way to make all lists to default to thumbnails? I have tried setting Myvideonav.xml to 500 for thumbnails but it doesn't seem to help. I am almost certain this method worked for the Confluence skin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Figured it out! No need for help. Thanks anyway.
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