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Full Version: Re-Touched (touch screen skin for 16x9 and 4x3)
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Thank you.
Where is the code for this icon?


And i want it to show apps directly without selecting any folder, just click that icon and the it's show.

How can I do?
(2012-09-26, 15:31)boss996 Wrote: [ -> ]Where is the code for this icon?


And i want it to show apps directly without selecting any folder, just click that icon and the it's show.

How can I do?

same place I posted this http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1199556

Thank you.
I've been testing this on a HP touchsmart d610 1050be (core i5, win7 64, 24")
It works and looks great but I do have a few questions / issues
1. The subtitles addon has the same issue it has in the default skin. One the download subtitle button is clicked, the overlay comes and you cannot click in it. Instead you are clicking in the video. The only way to download your subtitle is to push the stop button and use the overlay in the series/movie menu (the overlay stays and works at that point)
2. Just this morning the subtitles addon stopped working "script failed! script.xbmc.subtitles"
3. The exit button does not shutdown, even though I selected that in the configuration
4. Is there a way to play an entire folder of music or add it to the playlist, I can't seem to get it right without a keyboard

forget part 2 Smile
for some reason my windows time service was not auto started, re-enabling that solved it
I am trying to figure out how to add a streaming channel to the favourites (icon at bottom right corner), anyone?
Prompt and any plans to support PVR, live tv on your skin?
I've been playing around with different skins for my non-tablet touchscreens for a while now, and Re-touched is without match. I'm running a MSI AIO 22'' touch screen as a jukebox and a Zotac mini-itx connected to the Acer T231H touch-screen in the kitchen. Both are running Win7 (After i gave up on Ubuntu)
Great work! Especially the foundation with few, large buttons, back button always present and the great stability.
I do have a few comments/suggestions for future updates.

1. When going into configuration of an add-on, the menu moves a step to the right every time. After opening five times, it has disappeared completely
2. It should be possible to include your favourites as an add-on link to the home-page. I can see people are working on editing the include.xml manually, but as updates will erase this it should be embedded.
3. There is room for more than 12 add-ons on the home page Smile.
4. In playlist, the "move" button is not working, and editing the playlist is a bit frustrating. Instead an "up, down, remove" button to the right of the titles would solve this. Also getting to and from the playlist is not very intuitive.
The background is ok, but get's a bit uniform. I don't think the full fanart repository is suitable for a touch-skin, but variations would really increase the quality feel.
5. The Touched skin is not working for a non-table touch screen, but the button layout I find more appealing than the re-touched icons.
6. I've never really understood the idea of the Programme menu being in front. Perhaps the favourite menu would be more relevant as key menu. - At least the possibility would be great.
7. Artist/movie/album information are normally more than one page, but you can't scroll between pages in re-touched.
8. The top bar is irrelevant for a non-tablet, but I understand it is difficult to make option.

Thanks again for the good work, I'll probably come back with more comments later.
Amazing skin, just what I was looking for to my iPad. Just 2 questions about it.
First, is still available the info context menu for files?, I mean only with touch gestures, is there a way to launch the file context menu?. I couldnt find it in order to reasign a miniature image for a movie file. The second issue is about deleting video sources. Once you have created one, i can find the way for deleting it. Is there any way to remove a created file source?

Thanks ins advance
thanks for the great skin - lovely to see widescreen support also. I ship v1.5 of the skin with xbmc with my distros for the O2 Joggler at http://joggler.exotica.org.uk

Cheers again!
Hi. I use this skin on the joggler (see above post). Thank you for your superb work. Is there a way to increase the overall font size, as on the joggler's screen the text is really quite small. I've tried zooming but that just makes bits of the skin start to disappear off the edge of the screen. Thanks.
edit the fonts.xml file and make all the numbers bigger
(2012-11-11, 10:25)Jezz_X Wrote: [ -> ]edit the fonts.xml file and make all the numbers bigger

Great! Thank you.

How do you add favourites? I tried touching and holding but it didn't work. Anyone know?
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