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Full Version: PVR - expand descriptions from epg?
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There is nice + (expand) button for movie descritpion downloaded by movie scrapper. After I click this, description is displayed as full screen, instead of bottom screen area. Can you add the same button for pvr descritpion text downloaded from EPG database?
yup, added it right away.
will be in the next release.
Hmm, full screen description is always empty...
strange... it works fine at my end.

could you doublecheck in the different epg views (now/next/timeline) as well as in the tv channels and radio channels lists?
This does not work while watching tv on full screen:




I've just checked this and descriptions are displayed correctly from epg browser if full screen tv is not enabled (epg: now, next, timeline). But I always read epg from full screen menu and in that case full screen description is always empty. Seems still something is wrong?

I don't have any radio channels, so I can't test this case.
thanx for the step-by -step guide on how to reproduce!

turns out it needed some extra tricks to get it to work from the fullscreen window.

it should be fixed now. :-)
Yes, it works now.