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Full Version: Fanart questions
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I am new to Xbmc. I really like this theme as it seems to offer the most. I do have loads of questions though.
I am running Xbmc Live v11.0 and my media is located on another Windows Machine and accessed via SMB.

I have an external application that does all the scraping, I have configured the folders as follow (from what I understand this is what Transparency needs to read the local fanart) :

…\Series\Fringe\Season 1\....
…\Series\Fringe\Season 2\....

Now when adding a show like this only the …\Series\Fringe\folder.jpg and \Series\Fringe\fanart.jpg images seems to be detected. Even if I choose to download additional fanart, it will download, but the skin still does not cycle through them. (I have enabled it in the Skin Settings).

Also the banner does not seem to be picked up either and if I select “use banner” it seems to use the folder.jpg, but it stretches it.

What am I doing wrong? My scraper downloads multiple fanart images, a banner and a poster (for each show/season/movie), how can I get Xbmc/Transparency to recognised and use them?

Thanks in advance.
your folder layout looks ok to me.

for extrafanart, enable Skin settings > Tv Shows - Use extra fanart

xbmc uses folder.jpg for both banners and posters, so save your banners as folder.jpg and it should be fine.
Hi Ronnie

Thanks for the replay. I have enabled the Use extra fanart and use extra thumbnails option, but it sill does not cycle, it will only display the …\Series\Fringe\fanart.jpg file.

So you can't have banners and posters, only one of the 2?

some skins have implemented a workaround allowing for both posters and banners to be used, there's no such option in T! though.

as for the extrafanart trouble, are you browsing your tv show library or tv show files?
check if things do work at season and/or episode level.