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Full Version: Main Menu Button Problems
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I'm having a problem with the Movie button on the home menu. I cannot get it to load my Movie source. The tv button loads my tv shows with one click. but not the movie button. I have added the video source, scanned it, but no success. what am I missing? I'm using the XBMC 11.0 and T 4.0.5. I can drill down through the sub menu's and click on the source and the movies show up fine, so the source it there.
Have you set teh movie source content as 'Movies'? And set a scraper?

IF yes, then please enable Debug Logging, start a scan, and post your xbmc.log to pastebin.
I did have the movie source content already set, and had picked a scraper as well so I knew that wasn't the problem. I dug around in my settings a little more and found that I had the Cinema Experience script set (Settings>Skin Settings>Scripts>"Integrate Cinema Experience in home movie menu buttons" selected, but I had not installed Cinema Experience yet. Once I turned that option off. my problem was fixed. I went back and turned the script back on just to check and my problem reappeared, so it looks like that was the culprit. I have now also installed Cinema Experience, and as far as I can tell, all is well!