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Full Version: Startup with video wall/ poster wrap?
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Hi all,

As a newbe I want to know how I can configure Eden with Confluence so that directly after startup all video titles are shown with the layout 'Poster wrap'. I don't want my young kids, who cannot read, have to navigate in 2 or 3 steps to the videowall. I just want them to click right through the movies en select one with an enter.


There is a setting for startup window, you might choose "movies" and it will bring up your view of choice
Hi mad-max,

I know about this option, but I stil have to go through 2 menu screens:

1st one with option: movies - ....- files - Playlists - Video add-ons
2nd one with option: Genre - Titles - Year - Actors - etc.

I still have to select: movies -> Titles to get to the video poster wrap layout of my movies.

Ok...new attempt...
Open Home.xml and right at the top is the default control:
<window id="0">
    <defaultcontrol always="true">9000</defaultcontrol>
Paste the following below:
<onload condition="Window.Previous(startup)">ActivateWindow(Videos,MovieTitles,return)</onload>
This should work out...

Almost there ;-) With the above code inserted I only have the first screen left now. So I still have to select movies and then I see the video wall.

But after some search on this forum there are a lot of threads about XBMC for kids. Even some simple skins are mentioned with customizing options for simple skin.
Can anybody please help me finish my customizing: I want to skip the selection menu in Videos where you can select: Genre - Titles - Year - Actors - etc.
I just want to (auto-) select the filmlist according to titles.


The code above should be working as you want...as long as your running eden
Works for me .. I added it to another copy of the skin renamed to kids.confluence
and added the following modification
<onload condition="Window.Previous(startup)">ActivateWindow(10025,special://skin/playlists/movies/Animation.xsp,return)</onload>

that way it goes automatically to children movies based on a smart playlist I made.

EDIT: might create a smartplaylist for episodes from netflicks and hulu based on
my most recently aired.
Hey thanks Wilson! Now it works!

I managed to create a smart playlist. The path to the .xsp file however differs from yours, but I am on Linux.

<onload condition="Window.Previous(startup)">ActivateWindow(10025,special://userdata/playlists/video/Kinderfilms.xsp,return)</onload>

In the settings I also found the auto startup of a playlist, but that will start playing the first movie in my playlist.

Thanks again and cheers!

Glad you got it working. One could set a smartplaylist to be in random order and
autostart so it wouldn't start with the first movie/episode in the list. Cheers!!