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Full Version: Looking for a complete N64 emu tutorial, XBMCLive
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Anyone have a complete tutorial on how to install and setup a N64 emulator to work with Avdanced Launcher in XBMCLive?

I've tried sudo apt-get install mupen64, and pointed AL to the program in /usr/games/mupen64, and left the arguements default (can't remember what the arguements were, but left them alone). I also tried to scan a couple games, which were not found, although the launcher is pointed to the correct directory.

I've did a little digging, and apparently mupen64 is a little more involved pertaining to the installation and setup vs. mednafen and zsnes, so I wanted to get some pointers on how to install and setup this thing.
i too need one of these for XMBCbuntu i am useless in linux.