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Full Version: upgrade blues...menus not working as before
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This is a bit odd to me and I'm fairly sure I'm missing the obvious but it's 2AM and I'm tired of working on it...

I use the custom menus/submenus fairly extensively. Since I upgraded to Eden and T! 4.05 some (but not all) of my custom links are not working. It seems all of my links going to smart playlists (via favorites) are working. I also have a few that go to folders (again via favorites).

I have some pointing to "temporary" folders (places I store files I want to watch but don't expect to keep). Previously these all simply opened the folder in "file" mode. Some of these still work. Some do not. I can't make sense of what the difference might be.

This one works:
<favourite name="tv-documentaries">ActivateWindow(10024,R:\\Video\\tv-documentaries\\)</favourite>

but this one doesn't:
<favourite name="incoming">ActivateWindow(10024,M:\\DROP\\incoming\\)</favourite>

Both folders are also in my source list:
     <path pathversion="1">M:\DROP\incoming\</path>
     <path pathversion="1">R:\Video\tv-documentaries\</path>

One oddity is that if I open favorites and select "incoming" it works as expected. But if I map that favorite to a submenu item I simply get a screen showing me an empty list. I thought the problem might be it was opening in the wrong mode but the arrow keys won't pull up the side menu to allow me to change mode. If I use my mouse to move to the side I get a menu but the mode at the top is blank and while I can click on it to make changes, it has no practical effect (i.e. it will change the screen layout from list to fanart to whatever but it still won't show me any of my files.

I also checked the way the code reads in the submenu definition. Here I find a difference. The link for "tv-documentaries" appears without quotes
but the link for "incoming" has quotes:
I know there was an issue with windows adding "&quot;" before/after paths previously (and maybe it still happens) but as you can see from my favorites extract this is not the case.

Any clue what's going wrong? Huh
it's a known issue, some changes made to xbmc between dharma and eden is causing issues
with the way Transparency! maps favourites to the home menu (only on windows platforms).

the issue will be fixed in T! v4.0.6 ;-)
thanks ronie...at least I now know I'm not going crazy.

I can make it work for now by opening the favorites list and scrolling down to "incoming". It's not as slick as before but it'll keep me in business until you can fix the problem.
Great to hear ronie. I was suffering that problem. I noticed setting up my local folders as smb shares resolved the issue though.

I have an issue when using custom home links to specific program plugins. eg. advanced launcher, when pressing "Back" or "Home", usually it returns to the homescreen as expected, but if i use a context menu or settings dialogs within advanced launcher or run a game from it. pressing "back" doesnt return me to the home screen anymore, it instead takes me to the root of the "Programs" section.

I also still have the issue when using 2 instances of advanced launcher (1-Games) (2-Programs). when I have these as custom home items.
enter games and alls ok. leave games and all ok. now enter programs and all ok. now leave programs and all ok. (heres where it gets strange). now enter games again and programs is displayed. now leave programs and re-enter games and games displays correctly again.

Transparency and Dharma had no such niggles going on, it worked perfectly every time.

Hopefully your work into fixing the way favorites work will resolve my issues, so I will hold out and test again with your next update.

PS, Keep up the awsome work. I'm still loyal to T! and have been from the first build you released back on the xbox. If it aint broke dont fix it.