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Full Version: BUG?? exit XBMC Audio Mixer
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I use the XBMC audio Mixer on Linux and even though the audio Mixer does not work on OSX I have confirmed the bug there nonetheless, particularly for purposes of using a different remote.

When the Mixer is launched most remotes will no longer close it. This is something that has began in recent versions of audio mixer as I was always able to exit before. I think it needs to allow the use of Back or escape, as other Program add ons exit just fine with my programmed remotes.

Confirmed on

Liniux with custom remote
Mac OSX with Apple Remote

Please do not ask me to file a bug report I was just there and apparently it is far too daunting than most want to take the time to do. That process need be simplified and I should not have to register separately.
I also see the exit bug via a remote.

I too really want audio mixer to be usable via apple remote (and others) as it is a great way to increase system volume remotely on a mac after xbmc is running

Hopefully this weekend I will get the time to log a bug (first need to find a faq on how etc) ..

Any more experienced care to point me in the right direction re logging a bug ?

(2013-03-06, 22:18)Gigantur Wrote: [ -> ]Any more experienced care to point me in the right direction re logging a bug ?

See this wiki article: debug log (wiki)
I found an existing bug - "Ticket #13153 (closed Bugs: Obsolete)"

I've updated it with debug log etc.

Does it matter that it appears closed (even after the update) ? If so please advise ..

Ignore that. Bug was Eden - hence closed. I will open a new one for Frodo.
In my case I discovered a workaround. I now use HDMI connection to my TV/Amp - this forces MAC to fix system vol at MAX. Quite workable after a while. Of course need to turn down O/S alert vol (in preferences/sounds).