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Full Version: [Release (beta)] Artist Picture for Artists on Samplers/single songs
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I recognized, that there is no way to define/submit artist pictures (thumbs and fanart) for artists on samplers or if you just have a collection of single music files. XBMC tries to find thumbs and fanart for those artists, but if no sources available for the scrapers or if you do not like the collected pictures, you are lost.

This little script enables you to provide artist pictures (thumbs and fanart) for those cases.

How does it work.

You need to have a file structure which follows this rule:

"Artist Name"/folder.jpg: For thumbs
"Artist Name"/ffanart.jpg: For Fanart

Other filetypes than jpg allowed as well.


.../MyArtistPictures/Judas Priest/folder.jpg
.../MyArtistPictures/Judas Priest/fanart.jpg
.../MyArtistPictures/Donna Summer/fanart.jpg

To provide characters not allowed in directory names, you can "escape" them by using &#(decimal number of character);: eg "Bela b&#46 ;" for "Bela b." (Directory name ending with dot not allowed) (Please remove the blank between the number and the ";" )

The script parses this directory structure, checks, if the folder name is found as an artist name in the Musicxx.db database of xbmc, and (if found) copies and resizes the picture files as thumbs to xbmc.
In the settings, you can select, if existing thumbs should be replaced, or not.

This is the first release, so marked as beta, feedback is welcome

Supported platforms

- Version-

[-] Dharma
[x] Eden

- OS -

[x] Windows
[?] Unix (not tested)
[?] Apple (not tested)

- Language -

[x] English
[x] German

You can download the script here .......


1.0.0 (04/2012)
Initial Version: Eden only