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Full Version: Very old IBM Netvista with Ubuntu 11.10+Eden 11.10
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Hi to all,

I'me really a newbie with Ubuntu but I managed to install it in an old IBM NetVista Pentium III with 512Mb with Eden 11.10, last updated intel drive. And with Ubuntu everything works fine. When I start XBMC I can load the page with "Weather and so on options" but my computer slowwwwssssss down, almost stop. eheheheh, the mouse move in jumps.

My question is, probably stupid but... could this problem be related to the intel drive or lack of memory in the video driver to handle XBMC? (remembering that everything works fine in Ubuntu).

My best regards

overall too slow system. whatever gfx card is in there(if any) is likely ages old. If no video card its even worse - mesa software rendering on a P3 Smile