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Full Version: How can I do stream to my Revue?
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I did do a search, but couldn't find any information. I'm sure that just means I did the search wrong, as this can't be a new topic.

However, this is what I am curious about:

I am currently using a Zentyal 2.2/Ubuntu 10.04 headless pc as my router/firewall/server. It has Plex on it, and serves out video rather well to my Logitech Revue. However Plex on linux is a pain in the arse and doesn't like to update when new stuff is downloaded by Sabnzbd. <grumble>

What I would like to do is try out XBMC in place of plex, but I don't understand how I would stream to the google tv box.

Keep in mind that my server is headless on purpose, and it won't be natively displaying anything ever. I need to be able to control XBMC via a web interface and stream to my google tv box where even my non-technically inclined family members can use it fairly easily. Plex is good at that last part, if it it would just pick up new content properly.

What kind of set up do I need on my server? What apps do I need on my google tv?

Hope I'm being clear, as I'm very tired as I write this.

Thanks for reading and any help!
I think I found the answer. It seems to be this is not a function XBMC supports. It would seem XBMC is designed to be hooked to a tv by wire & display directly. This is a shame, to me, as I like the software.

Oh well. I'll keep fighting with Plex for now, unless someone has a suggestion otherwise?