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Full Version: Keep Original Title option not working The MovieDB 3.1.0
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I´m using XBMC 11 final release.

I just upgraded my hard drive and had to re-format my computer and I´m struggling to set up my movie library the way it was.

I want the scrapper to download the info, poster etc in Portuguese PT but show the Movie Name in their Original Title in Library. I had this setup before and it was working fine.

I tried re-adding the source again, tried a different source and still no success.

I remember my setting for the scrapper was:

Keep Original Title: CHECKED
Enable Fanart: CHECKED
Enable Trailer: CHECKED
Prefer Trailer fom HD-Trailers: NO
Preferred Language: PT
Get Rating from: IMDB

If I change the setting "Keep original title", nothing changes.

Even when the movie information is downloaded in PT, the original title is listed under "Movie Information" as the correct one. But the Movie List in Library still organizes the titles and shows in Portuguese, not the original title language.

Heres a log (different movie, Battle Los Angeles).



I just confirmed. This problem is only under 3.1.0.

I re-installed XBMC, disconnected the internet and disabled auto updates for add-ons. The MovieDB that comes with XBMC 11 is 3.0.9.

So I connect to internet, set up my source as Movie with the settings on my first post, and voila, works beautifully.

To confirm my theory, I updated the scrapper to 3.1.0, and simply went into a movie, movie information, and refresh.

The title automatically changed from the Original Title to the Translated Tittle.

My problem is solved by now, I will keep auto-updates disabled and run 3.0.9 until its fixed.

Fixed in TMDb scraper v3.2.0
Thanks Olympia! I will test it when its out.