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Full Version: Displaying song title on music video change
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I am trying to amend my Media Stream skin (n.b. currently on XBMC 9.1 so probably quite an old version - now playing as I'd like to learn some skills for when my new media centre (Raspberry Pi) gets here I can do some nice customisations too it!) so that when playing music video it displays the Artist and track title on track change.

Currently editing the VideoFullScreen XML file as shown below gives me 90% of what I want (i.e. it displays the track information on screen, and after 7 seconds it moves off screen - however I have to pause then play again to get it to do this) - is it possible to get the info to be displayed on the track change instead? I can't seem to work out what parameters might be needed in the condition for that!

(Actually sometimes it does seam to trigger on track change - When I can here my NAS HDD waking up (i.e. there is a second between videos) it seams to cause XBMC to realise that the Player isn't playing for a tad!)

<window id="2005">

<control type="group" id="1000">
        <!--<control type="image" id="1">
            <description>OSD Background Image</description>
        <control type="label" id="1">
              <label>$INFO[VideoPlayer.Artist ]</label>
        <control type="label" id="1">
              <label>$INFO[VideoPlayer.Album] ($INFO[VideoPlayer.Year ])</label>
        <control type="image" id="1">
              <aspectratio align="right">keep</aspectratio>
        <animation effect="slide" delay="7000" time="2000" tween="circle" easing="out" start="0,0" end="0,720" condition="Player.Playing">Conditional</animation>
<!-- All the default stuff -->