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Full Version: Movie sets within movie sets
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Just learned how to add sets manually in the nfo file and have been adjusting my library to suit my needs. I was curious is there a way to put sets within set?

I've created a Pixar Films Collection and have put all my Pixar films in it. Toy Story has multiple movies and I would like to create a Toy Story Collection within the Pixar Films Collection. Is this possible?
Yes I wanted also to mention that sets within sets is a must have. The way movie sets is currently implemented is very limited and not usefull at all.

Imagine this. I have made MKVs of my Superman Bluray. I have one MKV for the main movie and 7-8 files for the Extras. Now I need to be able to put those 7-8 files inside a set named Superman Extras. Then I would put that set with the Superman MKV inside another set named Superman Collection.

So in short I would have a Superman Collection with files and sets inside, sets being the extras for each film.
Sets as currently implemented are not as useful as they could be... I find smartplay lists much more friendly with regard to larger envelops like superheros and then use sets for 'boxsets' seems to work out. I concoct multiples as -CD1, -CD2, -CD3 etc if needed for multiple part mini-movies or as noted use a set designation for extras and use the rename command for the description. Although allowing individual listings to be across multiple sets would be ideal but might create more issues than it's worth.
Sets (collections) are NOT arbitrary categories for you to shove stuff in. If you want that, create support for tags or keywords or some such.

Further, they're not heirarchical, just like genres or pretty much anything else isn't hierarchical. Again, you want a completely different mechanism for that.

Further, they're not to be used for extras or whatever, again you want a different mechanism for that.

Attempting to use them for something for which they were not designed leads to complaints that are simply not valid. They work perfectly for their designed purpose.

Quote:Further, they're not to be used for extras or whatever, again you want a different mechanism for that.
So you please tell what you do? You have 1 Superman main movie file and 7 MKV files that are extras. Where do you put them and how do you organize that?