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Full Version: HOW-TO The Complete Linux Noob's Guide To Installing ZSNES On XBMCbuntu (Eden)
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Hi all,

I have written a tutorial documenting in detail (with pictures!) my experience with setting up ZSNES on the new XBMCbuntu. Big Grin

It is currently located here:


If the mods would be so kind as to move it to the correct forum, and remove this thread if necessary.

After 2 days of trying to get some sound out of this i'm almost done with it.
xbmc => nice sound over hdmi.
roms => always over analog.
I have set .asoundrc in 1001 different ways. the hdmi is the default (thats what it say in xbmc)

advancedloader gives me black screens currently.
rom collector opening zsnes plays well but no sound (well it goes over analog)

My thinking :
When i login on the xbmcbuntu(not xbmc) then the ui is using pulse audio and not even detecting hdmi audio.
So if zsnes and friends use those settings its no wonder i dont get sound over hdmi.
Found some help : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pul...o/Examples but oh well "load-module:: command not found..." and no clue where to look for that.
naptime. Maybe I'm searching for answers far off the road but walking up and down the same road over and over did not bring any answers neither.
Komerad, I had the same issue with audio coming out analogue not HDMI.
You may have tried this but this is what I did to get it working:
I opened ZSNES and while it's open I opened 'Pulse Audio Volume Control', go to the playback tab in the top left and down the bottom of the page under applications tell it to use the digital audio device rather than 'Analogue Output/Amplifier' for the ZSNES application. It seemed to work a treat, same for Google Chrome with Youtube.
Hope this helps.

My ZSNES was working fine two days ago and now when I click on the application it flashes up with a black screen for a second then reverts back to the desktop, any ideas?
Hi, i had this solution for a while but i got troubles :
I got sound when playing games but after that i needed to changexbmc sound options to reenable sound in xbmc.
I found that pretty annoying.

Another solution suddenly stopped workin from one day on another. And I did not perform an update.
Now its working perfect. I wrote down all the things i did (its a combination of steps.) but lost it when an abuntu install cd formatted my drive Sad
Anyway I plan on buying an extra box (j1800) and probably have to go through this again.