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Full Version: tmdb - overwrite with nfo
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i like the idea of group sets in movies, but i have a lot of disney movie, and some of them are grouped up in "disney animated collection"

is there anyway to overwrite these default groupsets? i like to controle a bit more what is grouped and what is not...

i've tried disable groupset and then used nfo , but that aint working (or i do it wrong i don't know ... Smile)
Just <set></set> I think will do the trick in an .nfo.
with or without the group set enabled in xbmc?
okay. tried now to put a nfo in the two movie directories with the text :


but still don't work.
okay somethings happend...

if i use the <set></set> it adds the show directly in movies, without title/description/fanart etc. but still also has it in the "disney animated collection"

very weird Smile
You need a mixed nfo file (i.e. the URL of the movie). You'll also (obviously!) need to refresh it.

All the UI setting does is enable/disable the grouping - it makes no difference whatsoever to whether the set information is scraped or not.