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Full Version: iheartradio
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Does anyone stream a clearchanel radio station with iheartradio through xbmc? Im struggling to find the best solution. I run xbmc on win7. I found some information on streaming via the command line on linux. Ive modified it to run on windows using Mplayer. I also have a python script that finds the current rtmp url for a given station (they change occasionally) so I can stream a station using mplayer simply by inputting the station Id, "keey-fm" for example. But Im having trouble getting xbmc to play the stream. Does anyone have a working solution for this integrated into xbmc? or should I just use the launcher plugin to open the normal stations flash player in a browser?
You can play RTMP streams in XBMC using an STRM file. See http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...io_streams for the details.

If you have a stream that plays in mplayer but won't play from an strm file post the mplayer command line here, i.e. the command to play the stream with mplayer, and we can tell you what to put in the STRM file. There are a few differences e.g. "--live" in mplayer becomes "live=1" in a stream file.
Have you done a search on youtube recently?

There is a tutorial showing iheart radio on XBMC.

I have found a plugin here: https://code.google.com/p/divingmules-re...ip&can=2&q=

It is working perfectly fine for me in the Frodo build. The application is not very featured, but it got the job done for what I needed.
Since I installed KODI, I can't get iHeart to work at all, does anyone have a solution?