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Full Version: Universal Movie Scraper
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Image Universal Movie Scraper

I was playing around with this for a while now and am about to release a new scraper, called 'Universal Scraper'.

  • Currently it supports 3 sites: IMDb, TMDb, Trakt.tv and Rotten Tomatoes
  • You can select for almost (if not all) major fields on a per field basis that from which of the above site you want the info for this particular field

Grab it from the Team-XBMC official addon repository.

Update History
15 May 2020
v5.4.0 for Leia and higher
• Added: Option to scraper Landscape images from TheMovieDB (disabled by default)

09 Apr 2020
v2.9.13 for Gotham to Jarvis
v4.1.16 for Krypton
v5.3.6 for Leia and higher
• Fixed: IMDB Host address Click here

23 Jan 2019 - v5.3.0- Extended Artwork Scraping... Click here
Looks great will try it out when I get home. Not sure about certification prefix option and I don't think it should be pre-filled by default, but that's just my opinion.
I am sure about it. Default Confluence skin requires this prefix to display US certifications.
Otherwise this is a scraper for pro users.
Ok, I don't qualify in that case.
I was not saying you're not amongst the pros Smile
I meant those who doesn't know what this setting is about should stay away from it.
Looks interesting!

Is there a plan to add this for shows as well?
Is there a reason why IMDB thumbs are not optional? They are pretty much the worst source
(2012-04-25, 22:02)mortstar Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a reason why IMDB thumbs are not optional? They are pretty much the worst source

Good point, that's a leftover approach from the IMDb scraper to have this as a last resort.
This is not needed here, I will change.
Maybe add support for IMDb internacional sites?

List: IMDb Germany| IMDb Italy| IMDb Spain| IMDb France| IMDb Portugal

Very useful to pick translated genres and sometimes plot. TMDB is always outdated, specially non english content.
Found a bug I think.

I'm using TMDB PT lang for title, plot and genres.

Movie tested: http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/78299-n-...-dar-certo | http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2106575/
Local folder name: Nao.Se.Preocupe.Nada.Vai.Dar.Certo.480p.BRRip.XviD (need to input manually, since XBMC doesn't support ã char, send 'se preocupe, nada vai dar certo' to get right movie).

Only poster is added. Title, plot and genres are blank.

Some debug log info: http://pastebin.com/ULQaLxj5

Can you confirm issue?

Thanks, I hope this scraper become default one in near future.
IMDb ID is incorrectly registered for this movie on TMDb.
(2012-04-27, 03:24)olympia Wrote: [ -> ]IMDb ID is incorrectly registered for this movie on TMDb.

Oh, fixed! Thanks for noticing it.
Is this also a dutch scraper?
It is missing UK certifications for IMDB on the list.
I know most devs hate suggestions/requests but i will just ask and take my licks Smile

How hard would it be for you to add an option of downloading an image from RottenTomatoes?

I think it would be really cool if it could save a tomato.png file in the root of the movie and that file is either a fresh tomato or a rotten tomato.

That way it would be super easy to add to a skin and quickly browse for Fresh Movies.

Please don't kill me Tongue