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Full Version: Digitally Imported XBMC addon (Updated 25. July 2016 : V3.1.2)
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Just popped in to say thanks for this great addon.
The gesture is appreciated Smile
Where can I download the DI addon for Eden from?
The download link on ur site has been taken down with a strike through and it's not on the official repository yet.
Thanks for any help.
(2012-07-06, 22:35)my4keys82 Wrote: [ -> ]Where can I download the DI addon for Eden from?
The download link on ur site has been taken down with a strike through and it's not on the official repository yet.
Thanks for any help.

It is in Eden repo.
Try force refresh on XBMC official repo
Hi bitcrusher01,

Thank you for these awesome add ons, SKY.FM & DI.

I have upgraded my sky.fm account to a premium one. I fill in my credentials (e-mail & password) in the premium section but when I start to stream a "channel" it automatically jumps to the next "channel" after ~30 seconds.

I'm running XBMC 12 alpha 3 PVR build, do you think it's because I'm not on Eden? Or has something changed on SKY.FM and DI? Non premium listening works fine.

Ok, it's because I was still listening from another location. Renewed my listening key and it seems to work ok now. How can I tell I am actually using my premium besides waiting for a commercial or not? :-)
K405: I have not tried XBMC 12 yet, but could you get me the log file from when this occurs and put it on pastebin?
Info on where the log is placed, depending on your OS, can be found here http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Log_file#Location
By the way, if your streaming Premium from two different machines (think it's if they register two different external IPs streaming), DI.fm premium streams will disconnect + you'll recieved an email from DI with the subject "Multiple connections from your Premium account".
I've had it happen to me a couple of times, when I forgot to stop my machine at work from streaming.
Hi bitcrusher01,

Yes, I received such an e-mail right after I posted here on the forum. So I renewed the 'listening key' just to be sure I was disconnected from the office.
Maybe this caused the described behavior (skipping to the next 'channel')?

If it happens again I'll try to change the debug level and copy the logs.
Hi, I recently started noticing the skipping behavior myself. I'm not a premium user of either service. With your sky.fm add-on, any station I select automatically goes to the next station in line after about a minute or so. In the DI.add-on, the selected station stops and starts back up every several seconds. I actually had similar trouble on the sky.fm website. The android app plays just fine. Other audio plugins in xbmc play fine, like Pandora and TuneIn. Any ideas?
Well, my issue has been fixed. It turns out that all the websites and add-ons that were skipping music were just fine. After determining that my computer, software, and internet were all working fine, I restarted my wifi router. That fixed everything. Strange that it even became an issue, since some sites would continue to stream, not to mention all the video sites worked fine. But after the restart, all my audio plugins are streaming just fine, no hiccups, pauses, or skip-aheads. Thanks to you and all the great developers who spend their time on these projects! God bless...
marzman7 and K405: Sorry I didn't respond, for some reason I wasn't notified via email, when you wrote in this thread Undecided
(2012-04-27, 10:03)bitcrusher01 Wrote: [ -> ]prodigy and wilson.joe: Good to hear Smile

kachro: Sky.fm is my next sideproject Wink
I've only just started on it, but it seems feasible to reuse much of the codestructure from the DI.fm plugin.
I have no estimated release on it right now, as I got another project that needs som attention as well.

bitcrusher that is great sky.fm works perfect.... been playing music from it all day long.

I love that I can set view to wall and everything shows with art work very nice indeed.

Only problem I am getting is scrolling to the next station it takes about 3 seconds each time... just too slow if you want to get to the other side of the screen fast to change a station.

Do you have a thread on sky.fm already? Maybe you can start one.

Used to listen to sky.fm on shoutcast but the add on has been broken on xbmc for a long time.

Thank you and good work. Smile Going to try your Digitally Imported in a minute...


I just tried Digitally Imported... very cool. I can't believe I have not seen it.
And for the scrolling is faster about half a second to a second.
I just found out why it struggles moving station to station.... it's because of the skin I am using Aeon MQ3. I wen't back to the default skin confluence and no problems at all. I can even hold the button down and scroll super fast. So it's a skin problem.

Even on MQ3 sometimes it will just hang trying to open sky or digital. Wink

P.S. It all works perfect now with the stock skin and MQ4....

My add on (digitally imported) just got updated to version 2.0.0, and is not working anymore - i get some error about a "script not found" - anyone has this?

[Solved] - i changed in add on settings all the settings back to default and tried again - the folder was refreshed and works good as before.
impeham: First off, I'd like to see what your xmbc.log says after you've gotten the error, heres some instructions on how to find it: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Log_file#Location
Also, have you tried a "force reset the cache from the addons settings?
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