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Full Version: Digitally Imported XBMC addon (Updated 25. July 2016 : V3.1.2)
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Another year - another rewrite Smile
I have again totally rewritten both my Digitally Imported and Sky.fm plugins

  • Multithreading - using 8 simultaneous threads that downloads coverart (if not already cached) and parses the playlists - a refresh now takes about 5-7 seconds
  • Cache expiration is now calculated in days and not minutes - default 7 days
  • When parsing playlists (on cache refresh) it selected a random server playing the stream each time
  • The option to open a playlist and select the streaming server you want - off by default

Heres the latest changelog entry:
+ New feature
* Improved/fixed feature
- Removed feature

12. July 2016 v3.1.2
+ Added German translation thanks to i-tek

30. January 2016 v3.1.1
+ Added option that enables/disables the use of Premium account credentials
* Fixed free streams - thank you to Christian Gerbrandt (derchrisuk)

25. March 2015 v3.1.0
+ Got a baby daughter - Ella Big Grin
* Updated regex getting favorite channels for premium members, fixing issued with 40/64/320k - 128k worked

8. March 2015 v3.0.9
* Updated regex getting channel metadata from HTML

21. February 2015 v3.0.8
* Updated regex getting channel metadata from HTML

15. February 2015 v3.0.7
+ Added login via https for getting the frontpage HTML for premium users
Thanks to thloe-1 for pointing that out

15. February 2015 v3.0.6
* Updated plugin to support new website design for scraping
* Replaced 256k streams with 320k (256k streams has been discontinued by DI.fm)
* Reworked favorites playlist as the data it relied on was no longer available
+ Readded the channel description as metadata for each channel

24. August 2014 v3.0.5
* Fixed url for channel asset/graphics

29. June 2014 v3.0.4
* Channel description no longer available, using name instead

16. April 2014 v3.0.3
* Rewrote premium login to use api.audioaddict.com - Fixes recent premium login issues
Thanks to Vidar Waagbø for this fix

3. January 2014 v3.0.2
* Fixed file pathing for the config file as well - DOH!

1. January 2014 v3.0.1
* Cache file pathing on OSes not using *UNIX syntax (Windows)

31 December 2013 v3.0.0
+ Rewrote whole plugin
+ Threading of playlists parsing to speed up first run and refreshing of playlists - 8 threads
* Now fully support the new di.fm design
- Check-in with stats are gone for now

20 May 2013 v2.1.2
* Fixed problems related to new Digitally Imported webpage
Thanks to Vidar Waagbø for the regex patch

22 December 2012 v2.1.1
* Made 256k quality selectable from config (duh!)
* 256k is now default quality for Premium members

8 December 2012 v2.1.0
+ Added a 4th stream quality option for Premium members: 256k/sec MP3
+ Now using the config.ini file to hopefully streamline the process of updating the di.fm/sky.fm/jazzradio.com plugins
* Fixed it so UTF8 chars is handled correctly in channelnames
* Fixed a "miscalculation" that made it so when using favorites, the playlist being activated when clicking the channelname,
was actually the one belonging to the next channelname, etc.

30 Oct 2012 v2.0.0
+ Using JSON to get streams addresses instead of parsing the HTML for them
+ Added an indication of what quality the stream is, shown as i.e: 64 kb
* Complete rewrite of the codebase, making it more modular and generally awesomer
* Using Di.fms own JSON data to find streams, instead of parsing the HTML by RegEx
* Changed the highlight color of new channels from orange to blue, as the "currently playing" channel is orange in the default skin for Eden
* Changed default refresh rate from 360 (6 hours) to 720 hours (12 hours)
* Updated addons description

Thanks to DexN for making me aware of the JSON data and for being my willing guinea pig Wink

And now, screenshots!

Addon icon

New settings with tabbed layout

Notification of new channels

Highlighting of new channels

Playing AAC+ stream with channelart


My website qualisoft.dk - horribly neglected!
Awesome! Thanks man.

Working great here. Premium on Win7x64+Eden.
looking good.. Smile
hello...i know it's way too off-topic but I noticed you have installed an add-on for sky.fm , where did you find it?

thanks! (sorry)
prodigy and wilson.joe: Good to hear Smile

kachro: Sky.fm is my next sideproject Wink
I've only just started on it, but it seems feasible to reuse much of the codestructure from the DI.fm plugin.
I have no estimated release on it right now, as I got another project that needs som attention as well.
thanks for the quick reply bitcrusher01. I took the liberty to download your add-on from your site and took a view at the code. I am not very familiar with python coding but I realized that sky.fm and di.fm are "sisters networks" so I figure the tweak for your add-on shouldn't be that massive. (I tried changing the BASE_URL but it didn't work....lolSmile).

Anyway, I'm gonna try to modify a few things in your files and see if I get lucky and can end up listen to sky.fm. Obviously if I do, I'll return you the favor and give you back your files, and of course, you will still have all the credit for the add-on man.

In the mean time I'll keep listening to the Ambient channel thanks to you ;=)

Even though they are "sister networks" they work radically different (in my opinion).
DI.fm has links to .pls (playlist) files with mp3/aac streams, you can download and play in a player of your choice.
Sky.fm has a "Listen now" button, that envokes a new window with a flashplayer, playing a .flv file - even if you are a premium listener it seems.

I have an idea of a way to work around this - but I have yet to implement and try it out if it actually works.
oops, I didn't notice that...I think I'm gonna wait until you figure this out then...lolSmile


I have a problem when it seems to try and stream every channel
then finally crashes

unless I pick the one at the bottom of the list

I am assuming for some reason it tries to play everything below what I pick ?

anyone else having this problem

using XBMC 11 on FreeBSD DI plugin 1.1.1
MasterCATZ: Can you put your xbmc.log file on pastebin?
Hopefully it would give me a clue as to whats going wrong.
Sky.fm has a feature where you can select what mode you want on the website. It does have a winamp compatible stream. It was a bit hard for me to find at first, but it's at http://www.sky.fm/settings .

Also, I don't know if something is wrong, but since the latest update, I'm not seeing ANY streams in my list. It says it found 40 when it did the scan, but all I see is the parent folder ("..") item. I've checked my username and password settings, i've uninstalled and reinstalled the addon, and I still get nothing.
agent154: Have you tried going to the addon settings, and enable "Force cache refresh" and see if that fixes it for you?.

About sky.fm, I'm very close to having a working version done, both with public and premium streams - I suspect it will only be AAC as well though.
And yes, those settings is hard to find - I didn't see them before you pointed them out.
I have forced the cache refresh and it was the same thing.

I did stumble upon something though. It seems to work if I turn off "Library Mode"... but I don't want to have to do that. Is this intended, or is it a bug? If I have library mode on, it won't show any channels.
I've just tried installing the plugin on XBMC Eden on Win7, and after adding some music to index, so that Library mode became available, I could still see the DI.fm streams in Library mode.
I have no idea why it's not working for you Undecided
Are you running Dharma or Eden?
Would someone else perhaps try it out and see if this is a recurring problem?
I'm using Eden. I'll try to delete my music cache and start over to see what happens.
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