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Full Version: Installation of Wireless Card on XMBCbuntu
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Hey all I'm looking to install my wireless card on XBMCbuntu but I can't get it to install the software. I have the disk and it has a linux install pack on it but I do not have a wired connection to use. I can't get it to install at all and I need to get it connected. Thanks.
if you have the disk why do you need a wired connection?

Exit xbmc and login to the XBMCbuntu desktop and follow the instructions on the disk.

(I would first make sure if the install pack really needed in the latest ubuntu)
I can't install the need software or drivers.
I should probably add that the disk I has was not the proper one.
What kind of card is it? USB or PCI?

As another correction I found the right disk. Its a NetGear Wnda3100v2
I can get it to work on Ubuntu but not on xbmcbuntu. Any idea how to install it?
(2012-05-16, 02:56)darkstarsinner Wrote: [ -> ]As another correction I found the right disk. Its a NetGear Wnda3100v2

Read this.

Sorry there is no support in Linux for you card...unless you use ndiswrapper..which I don't know how to use...maybe somebody else can help. Sorry.

If you want I know of a few cheap wifi USB adaptors that will work out of the box... no drivers to install.

I appreciate you trying to help anyway. The only issue I have is the money I spent on this card. I can't really justify spending more on anther. I guess I'm just stuck with bloated windows. Thanks again though
You can try what is in this thread.

You can also post over there. But tell them you are using Lubuntu and not XBMCBuntu...otherwise the thread will probably be moved to the "Other OS/Distro Talk" board. Even though it is Ubuntu based.

I have a working pci netgear wireless connection,what I did was to log into,using a wired connection,XBMCbuntu,then synaptic package manager,hit search and in the find box enter b43-fwcutter,install that then repeat for firmware-b43-installer.After a reboot you should be good to go.
Wish I would have seen that before I installed windows again. It's okay though I'll keep it in mind for next time. Thanks guys.