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Full Version: now playing
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well dunno if i am being stupid
but i know under xbmc there is now playing if playing music
but is there away of a bigger now playing in the main screen?
Music visualization in background or.. ?
well should explain my self a bit more
anyway when playing music or playing anything like videos
you can hear the music sioundtrack ect but you cannot see the video or the currently playing song without goign to the xbmc item and is top of the list.
i do not think this is intuitive and not easy to find if you are not used to the system(my girlfriend)
although she after going through all the skins likes this one the most
she finds it hard to comprehend and i agree with her that the currently playing item is not listed in the top window all the time (when playing)
i understand that this would limit the newest item list but this woudl only occur when playing some thing
i also unless seem to have mislaid current play list as well but that way be eden

if you have alook at the confulence skin they have the play now sat below the latest editions

Hmm.. Currently playing video or song are shown above xbmc menu. There is also a button "playing: song/video" which takes you to now playing screen.

You are suggesting that this should be solved with a small window that would be always active when something is playing?
well yes to be honest
some thing very similar to confulence
lets you see whats playing forward backwards full screen if you want
all in a mini menu above the main menu which is alway on in something playing