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Full Version: No CBC Radio add-on? How is this possible?
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Okay my head almost exploded when I discovered that there was no CBC Radio plug-in for XBMC, especially considering how massive and comprehensive the website is, with many awesome shows that go back many years.

I tried out the "Radio" plug-in, and although it listed some CBC stations in teh Search, all are now dead and outdated.

The wonderful video plugin called 'Canada on Demand' has 5 CBC Radio sections, and it also grabs list for many, many shows that CBC does (and has) offer(ed), nothing plays and none are video.

I came to find this out after hearing on a late podcast that my favourite show - "Dispatches" - will end next month (thanks a lot, Harper government)

Should I be brazen enough to actually make this a plug-in request? My first-born to any body that can pull a CBC Radio plug-in together!

I wouldn't be too hard on Canada On Demand, there is a lot of dry links now... I watch 'The National' news nightly... works like a charm along with dozens of other links. Sure if you have the skill, either update COD or write your own.... P.S. Live Streams is pretty simple to use and plugin your own links.
That is why i was so surprised to nto one already in existence.. I'm sure it'd be relatively easy, but I've absolutely no experience in these matters...
You might have a look at some of the live 'internet radio' music plugins and I suspect Navi-X might link up with some. For the most part CBC uses that Akami server system, and it's hard to get the stream outside of a browser.
I've noticed that the CBC Radio streamign website has undergone a horrible makeover. Now there is no way to queue episodes.. pretty lame. But maybe it also came with a new system that would allow for easier plug-in creation?
Hi folks,
For CBC internet radio I use *.strm files/links on my network drive
basically a text file with its extension changed to .strm.
for example
is in
and I just click on it to connect from the network drive.

I should probably mention I'm using XBMC on apple tv 1 (crystalbuntu)

There's a full list of CBC internet radio here if you're building an app (I'm not affiliated to this person/site)