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Full Version: Zotac AD10 Remote Configuration
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Am using OpenElec on 1.95.3 with Aeon Nox. Am trying to configure the included MCE Remote included with the Zotac AD10 since some of the buttons seem to be missing. While most of the keys seem to be working with the skin out of the box, there are some functions (actually, just one) that I'd like to map.

For example, while playing music, I currently have no way to bring up the music visualization so that I can access the OSD by pressing the 'windows button.' When playing video, I can press the 'windows' button to bring up the OSD, but in music, this just brings me back to the main menu.

When I am in playlist view, for example, there is no button configured on the remote to take me to the full screen 'music visualization' screen. Once I use the 'Unofficial XBMC remote' on iPhone to go to the 'Now Playing' screen, by pressing the big button at the top of the app, I can use the windows button on the MCE remote to access the OSD. So, the issue is how do I access this full screen music visualization - the one with full screen Fanart, etc as the background, media information at the bottom of the screen, etc.

I have gone through the wikis to remap the remote keys but they seem very complicated. I understand that I can create a keyboard.xml file on my userdata folder with additional remote mappings. But I can't figure out which keypress to map (I have the colored buttons on the remote that don't seem to be doing anything useful currently) with which action (for music visualization).

Can anyone help me with the exact entry for this in the keyboard.xml for at least the music OSD or other essential XBMC keys that would work with the Zotac MCE remote?
Does Openelec come with showkey? Try the following and press the button on the remote that you would like to map:

$ sudo showkey -a

If you see "^g", that's ctrl+g. "^]g" is alt+g. CTRL+G (the "Guide" button on most MCE remotes) is used to bring up the OSD in the default keyboard.xml (/usr/share/xbmc/system/keymaps/keyboard.xml on an Ubuntu install). You can override these settings by placing overrides in ~/.xbmc/system/keymaps/keyboard.xml (probably doesn't exist if you haven't created it).

Example keyboard.xml:
      <g mod="ctrl">OSD</g>
It doesn't look like OpenElect has showkey (or sudo, since it makes you login as root).

Looks like a full bash though...
root ~ # sh --help
GNU bash, version 4.2.28(2)-release-(x86_64-openelec-linux-gnu)
Usage:  sh [GNU long option] [option] ...
        sh [GNU long option] [option] script-file ...

Oh wait... it looks like maybe it's running BusyBox.

root ~ # less --help
BusyBox v1.20.0 (2012-05-19 05:06:03 CEST) multi-call binary.

Usage: less [-ENh~I?] [FILE]...
Maybe cat should work as well, given the stock AD10 remote registers as a keyboard. OpenELEC also uses eventlircd, but I can't tell you how that works differently from classic LIRC, since I have no experience with it.

I know the OpenELEC founder wrote a patch for this remote, so all the keys would be supported:


I do not know how to check keypresses on OpenELEC though. Maybe check in with OpenELEC themselves?