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Full Version: XBMCbuntu separate resolutions in XBMC and Ubuntu?
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I've got a newly built XBMCbuntu htpc, working well with just a few minor things to work out.
I'm using the onboard Radeon HD 6530 gpu of the AMD A6 processor and while it works fine with all my media, when I switch over to Ubuntu I don't see anything on the screen but the logo in the middle.

For whatever reason, the Catalyst Control Center I have doesn't have any options for adjusting overscan. The only way I've found to make the desktop fit my screen is to switch resolution. 1084x768 fits just fine, however if I switch resolution there, when I go back to XMBC my resolution is changed there as well, which I don't want.

Is there any way to use different resolutions in XBMC and Ubuntu or are they always tied together? Or is there a config file somewhere where I could manually adjust overscan on the Radeon graphics?