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Full Version: request: Full-Text Rss news reader for 11.0 Eden
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Full-Text Rss news reader for 11.0 Eden?

Full-Function / Full-Text Rss Feeds reader,
No !! I am not talking about the RSS scrolling news ticker that can ONLY show the RSS title header !!,

Function REQUEST:
-addon within XBMC
-Full-Text Rss Feeds reader
-Able to change the font size for the news feed body text
-Show the picture attached picture ( if possible)
-3 panels (MS Outlook style) news reader,Feed Group on the left , Title on Upper half panel, Full Text Body on lower half panel ( if possible)
-able to use simple control on remote (Up, Down, Left, Right, Back)
-Able to edit the RSS feed in a simple xml file
-Or link with Google Reader (RSS reader)