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Full Version: missing files in library?
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Hi all - I'm truly stumped here... I had an instance last week where my video library got corrupted, it seemed to be stuck in some weird loop, the file had grown to over 160GB so I had to stop xbmc, and delete the file and start over - since then I have a weird issue where when I add files and let it scan it seems to miss a significant portion of the files - about half of them. And running missing movie scanner shows ZERO missing files, it's almost like it doesn't see them - but I am able to access and play the files from files menu...

even WEIRDER is if i go to the file and "update" it - it pulls all the correct library information, but it does not show in the library, if i refresh it it also does not show in the library... I kinda feel like the library might be FILTERED or something, just can't figure it out.

I've had pretty good luck with XBMC but little things like this are a nag for sure, I'm half tempted to format and reinstall, I'm on XBMCUBUNTU eden.

the Last optionn and the least favorite, is there a way to just completely WIPE xbmc and start over rather than formatting the box that I have other stuff running on?


need debug log (wiki)
Well to further complicate the issue - I deleted the .xbmc folder entirely (well moved it actually) and that seems to have resolved the issue... if someone is actually interested in trouble shooting this with me i could dork around with it via a conference call or something - some setting or something I did drastically screwed things up...

So I think I have some idea what's going on now - Even though I am not using movie sets, it appears as though plugins like missing movie manager and XBMC Commander do - So that makes movies unsearchable unless you know the set they are in, I was specifically having an issue with Disney movies, turns out they were getting dumped into "disney animated colletion"...

I'll restore my old database and see if that's the issue, if not i'll create a debug log...

so as it stands now I do NOT have sets enabled but my XBMC commander is still using the sets function, as is missing movie manager- as it shows "73" items with NONE missing, when in fact there are actually 127 in the kids section, when i goto the library folder now (since collections is defaulted OFF and I just reset everything) I see 127 movies... for sure it's something whacky with collections vs actual files and how that is being presented (or polled) by addons and 3rd party software