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Full Version: VAAPI RGB level conversion
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My older system was ASrock ION 330 - and SAMSUNG 46B6000 TV. I used XBMC live - VDPAU with studio level conversion (RGB low), and HDMI black level "low" on the TV - and everithing was fine.
But now I switched to ASrock E350 Brazos system with VAAPI - and seems, the studio level RGB conversion didn't works - HDMI low level is grayed out on TV.
There is no RGB "low" . That meens, there is no real black.
My question is: Is it the same for all of E350 users - and is there any solution?
Sorry for my english.
XvBA does not allow to influence yuv/rgb conversion. There have been reports about "no real black" but also for the GUI which would mean that the problem is not only related to XvBA (VAAPI). You might want to post your observation in this thread and compare to the experience of other users: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=116996