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Full Version: safe way to purge unused thumbs
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My ~/.xbmc/userdata/thumbs has ballooned to nearly 1 GB. Is there a safe way to purge them? Perhaps retaining the ones that are in use?

$ du -hs ~/.xbmc/userdata/*|sort -h
4.0K    ./userdata/advancedsettings.xml
4.0K    ./userdata/LCD.xml
4.0K    ./userdata/Lircmap.xml
4.0K    ./userdata/peripheral_data
4.0K    ./userdata/profiles
4.0K    ./userdata/profiles.xml
4.0K    ./userdata/profiles.xml.backup.20110116
4.0K    ./userdata/RssFeeds.xml
4.0K    ./userdata/Scrobbler.xml
4.0K    ./userdata/sources.xml
4.0K    ./userdata/upnpserver.xml
4.0K    ./userdata/visualisations
12K    ./userdata/keymaps
16K    ./userdata/playlists
40K    ./userdata/guisettings.xml.backup.20110116
84K    ./userdata/addon_data
236K    ./userdata/guisettings.xml
6.7M    ./userdata/Database
977M    ./userdata/Thumbnails