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Full Version: SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012 - not mySQL
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Will Eden now work with a full SQL server - not just mySQL? I already have a SQL server on my network and would rather use this then setup mySQL somewhere else.

Is there any plan to make it work with any SQL or not even on the radar?
Not even on the radar.
It's important for XBMC that it's platform agnostic, so it's unlikely we would ever support a database technology that wasn't available on all operating systems.
ah, I get it...I was thinking sql is sql and should work with any flavor..but obviously mySql must not be like any other sql - but will work on windows, linux, mac etc. Was not thinking of the latter part. Oh well....I will put my setup to mySql on my Synology or some VM. Thanks for clearing up the reason.
(2012-05-08, 00:55)rjameson Wrote: [ -> ]Oh well....I will put my setup to mySql on my Synology or some VM.

Why not install it on the box you're (thinking of) using for SQL Server, they can co-exist?
rj - not every RDBMS is the same. They use different syntax ("select top" in M$ SQL Server versus "where rownum" in oracle), have different library functions (not everybody supports things like rank() or lag() and lead()), have completely different client software, range from free (MySQL, PostgreSQL) to reasonably priced to very expensive (oracle, SQL server, etc).

It wouldn't make sense to make XBMC, a free cross platform open source package, rely upon an RDBMS that is closed source, fairly expensive, and only runs in windows...

if you're really curious about poking around in the MySQL database that XBMC uses you can download and install a GUI MySQL tool and browse to your heart's content.

Why would you care what database it uses anyways? Smile