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Full Version: Incorrect television info
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When I have a tv series spread across multiple sources (in this case, two separate external hard drives), the media info incorrectly reports the number of episodes. The main library page correctly lists the total number of episodes in my collection and if I select the show it takes me to all of them, but if I go to the information screen, it reports only the number of episodes that share the same path as the first season.



(A second example.)

Is there anything I can do about this, other than rearranging my hard drives to make sure the entirety of one series is always on the same drive? It's minor, and honestly sort of funny (141 episodes in one season, Bones?), but I'd still rather the information was actually correct.
That doesn't actually solve my issue. All of the individual episode information is there, and is correct. Clicking on the tv series takes me to all of that correct information, and all seasons and episodes of the series. Hell, it's even all correct and tells me the correct number of seasons and episodes if I access my library via XWMM.

It's just that the main series information screen, for whatever reason, isn't reading all of those episodes as belong to that series if they happen to be on a different drive than the first season.
Then we'll need to see the debug log (wiki) to get a better idea of what's going on here.