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Full Version: Add extrafanart to "music videos"
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Movies,TVShows,Music has Extrafanart.
But, Do not have "Music Videos".
Is it possible to add Extrafanart to Music Videos?

Directory structure is Below.

Music Videos/Artist01/Artist01-song01.mp4
Music Videos/Artist01/Artist01-song01.nfo
Music Videos/Artist01/Artist01-song01.tbn
Music Videos/Artist01/ .
Music Videos/Artist01/ .
Music Videos/Artist01/Artist01-song99.MKV
Music Videos/Artist01/Artist01-song99.nfo
Music Videos/Artist01/Artist01-song99.tbn
Music Videos/Artist01/fanart.jpg

Music Videos/Artist01/extrafanart....add artists units

I'm sorry bad english.
yeah, makes sense, i've added it right away
it's now available in the svn version of T!

Thank you ronie.Rofl

I checked extrafanart.
Nice job.