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Full Version: the moviedb not scraping local files properly, SMB ok
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first some background info.

i used to run XBMC live on an asus HTPC but that's been semi-retired. with the old XBMC live build, the scraper worked quite well after mounting external drives. it would occasionally skip over movie files that weren't in their own folders (eg /dev/sd0/Movies/Pleasantville.avi) but would get all the others. SMB shares were fine. i would just manually add the ones it didn't get cause there would only be a few of them.

with eden on win2008 server 64 bit, i have one drive shared over SMB and another local drive. the tdb scraper is picking up all the movies and downloading metadata for stuff on the SMB share, but not for those locally?! it usually downloads the name only, and none of the artwork, and some of the cast/crew is missing.

i've tried clearing the library, refreshing paths, tweaking the 'set content' settings, automated scans, scan recursively, etc etc etc but to no avail. it seems the .nfo's that XBMC has created are only half-complete, and without going into 700+ folders and deleting them all one by one, i don't know how else to get rid of them all and start from scratch with a fresh scrape, as it were.

of course, i could manually refresh the entries one by one once they are in the library, but this would take even longer than individually deleting all the .nfos.

here's an example of a movie on the SMB that has scanned in correctly, followed by one on the local drive which hasn't.

correct scrape:

incorrect scrape (no 'writer' info, weird 'the shining' logo, no poster/fanart):

is there a way to tell XBMC to ignore ALL the nfos and metadata and scan again from scratch? or a windows media management application that can 'batch refresh' all the incorrectly scanned items (ie. everything on that local drive?) i have no experience with manually editing nfo files and only VERY limited experience editing XBMC's xml files (adding sources, etc.)

fwiw, tv shows have all scanned correctly whether local or on SMB.
Without knowledge of how your filesystem is setup we can't really comment.

But I will say that 99% of screwups is due to "Movies in separate folders named after the movie" being incorrectly set.

you can kind of see my folder names in those images i linked. it generally looks like this:

G:\Movies\Movie Name\moviename.avi
SMB://COMPUTERNAME/Movies/Movie Name/moviename.avi

some of the .avi files have strange naming conventions, others have their own .nfo files, etc.

but i feel like ths damage has already been done; ie. XBMC has already written it's own .nfo files and that's all the scraper sees. how can i tell XBMC to ignore the .nfos and just 'cold scan?'
Delete them all. A simple batch script will do it.

Make sure you scrape using the setting I gave above.
sorry, can you tell me what batch script you mean? is it something within XBMC? or an actual .bat in windows?

btw, i noticed that XBMC created .nfos for all the movies on the local drive, but NOT for those on the SMB share. wtf!?
XBMC is not creating nfo files unless you export the library. Didn't you use/try some third party media manager?