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Full Version: Is there a way to mix 2.0 to 2.1 stereo + subwoofer
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Hello guys i have problem with Sound maybe my speakers are not good enought to mix to 2.1 maybe not.

The problem is when movie or tv show , or Live TV that i watch are 2.0 stereo sound , i dont have Subwoofer sound. Subwoofer only works on 5.1 and 4.1... i use my pc for multimedia box with sattelite tuner and there is many TV channels that are 2.0 even the music ones and this is big proglem for me to listen music without bass Smile

Is there a way to mix 2.0 (stereo) to 2.1(stereo with subwoofer) or 2.0 to 5.1(surround). the XBMC is copying the front channels to rear channels but no sound at subwoofer.
EDIT: I frogot to tell you : im using ubuntu 11 motherboard is asus e350

Thank you very much ill wait for a solution for this Smile
This is not a xbmc related Problem. Check the alsa config.
XBMX has asound.conf and it is no matter what u change in alsa conf. i use XBMC standalone without KDE or GNOME
, so i think it is a XBMC problem

EDIT btw i noticed im using pulse audio at the moment , and i have problems with alsa. on 5.1 movies cant initialize audio on 2.0 it is working without bass.
with pulse audio it is working perfect in 5.1 movies , and working good in 2.0 TV but without bass Sad
asound.conf IS a alsa config file. And a little bit more info what audio output you are using would be nice to fix the problem. Driver revision? Asound.conf settings, XBMC Settings (audio output device)...
I would also check the settings of your speakers/receiver. Generally, when no dedicated LFE channel is present (which is the case with MOST things that aren't 5.1), the receiver itself is the thing that does the crossover and send to the subwoofer. Basically, it's the job of the receiver and speaker system to use the subwoofer in stereo mode.
That could be the case but the fact that he did not tell us what setup he is using makes it a little bit difficult to say that that is the problem.
the speaker system that im using is some china made without name Smile its 5.1 , i have another one creative system but i useing it in my PC in other room . i tested with the creative and it copy L,R channels to subwofer automaticly. but i want to make it work with this chineese speakers in 2.0
alsa settings is unchanged in linux and in the XBMC . im using PULSE audio at the moment in xbmc . i will give more details tomorow .
i want to make if it is possible if audio is 2.0 STEREO to map L+R to S
like this

ttable.0.0 1 # L
ttable.1.1 1 # R
ttable.0.5 0.7 # front left to bass
ttable.1.5 0.7 # front right to bass
ttable.0.2 0.8 #L > SL
ttable.1.3 0.8 #R > SR
ttable.0.4 0.8 #L > C
ttable.1.4 0.8 #R > C
Just use the latest nightlies which has the new AudioEngine which supports dynamic upmix without any asound.conf crap.
(2012-05-10, 14:56)gnif Wrote: [ -> ]Just use the latest nightlies which has the new AudioEngine which supports dynamic upmix without any asound.conf crap.

can you give me link pls? Uhm ? nightlies are for win. mac and other i dont see for linux Smile))
i guess ill need to wait stable release with the new audio engine , becouse i cant find nighly builds for linux