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Full Version: How do I set consistent viewtype for a media level?
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One particular annoying problem that I have run into is how to set a consistent viewtype for a media level.

For example: When I enter into a movie set media level, there is some default viewtype. I do not like that default viewtype so I go to the menu on the left and select a different one.

The problem is, that this only seems to apply to that one specific movie set. I would like to find a way to make that viewtype become the viewtype for all of my movie sets when I change it.

How can I do this?

I wish it would work the way TV shows do. When I change the viewtype for the season level or the episode level, then it changes it for every TV show. Not just the one TV show that I happen to be in when I change the value.

I am looking for any solution. Even If I have to go edit a file and find and replace a value to set all my movie sets to the same viewtype.

Some skins offer the ability to disable or hide views, if you hide all, but the one desired... then visited each in turn.. I suspect that view would be saved. A return to your skin might hold that view (I've not checked this part... but it seems probable).
Hmm. Well I use a different view for my overall movies view so I can't disable that one.

I like a long list of posters along the bottom for my whole movie list but then a grid with an info panel on the side for when i open a movie set. Just personal preference I guess.

My current solution now is to open each movie set and change the view type manually but I have over 100 movie sets so its going to take a long time. And then I don't know how to save that kind of setting if i need to re-install or change skins.
Most skins have a default view, in T! it's Fanart and you can't change it globally. But as I mentioned you could disable certain views.. then visit each area and enable the view you want for your grid, you'll have less visiting to do. Different skins act a bit differently in this regard, and consequentially have different looks.