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No problem Margro. I'm very happy with what I have right now. You have done an excellent job. I try to set everything in XBMC and make a backup of my settings. Then I'll try to copy my backup to my other pc's. If that works, it's fine for me for now.
Margro, any idea why the channel list is mixed up compared to how they were actually sent to XBMC? (see my post #13)

The initial load appears in the correct order, but then when it fetches the EPG it mixes them all up Undecided
@swifty: no, no idea. I'm always transferring the channels to XBMC in the order of the "All channels" group.
Well I guess it doesn't matter now, I upgraded to MP 1.3 Beta today and notice there is now a 'channel number' column which is seperate from the LCN used for STB blasting.. as long as all (active) channels have this set, and XBMC is set to 'use backend channel order' then it works perfectly Smile

Now my channels are actually in a reasonable order Big Grin

Thanks for your hard work!
(2012-05-14, 20:21)margro Wrote: [ -> ]As clarification a bit of background information:
The problem with the current PVR API is that we can't pass a sorting order independent from the channel numbers from the pvr addon to XBMC. Sorting each channel group differently cannot be transferred to XBMC at the moment. The API needs to be extended with a separare sorting order field to pass the order from MePo to XBMC in a proper way for every channel group.

Hi margo, is there any update on this feature? Not having the ability to keep the channel order from mepo to xbmc is the single one thing that is preventing me from returning to xbmc...

Edit: sorry, you answered my question in post 15... Looks like i'm sticking with mepo a little while longer... :o(
Frodo PVR API is frozen, so no news here.
Only option at the moment is still "'use backend channel order" in combination with a correctly sorted "All TV Channels" group in MediaPortal.
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