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I am tweaking MP and using different versions of XBMC at the moment, what i'd like is a quick way to change the channel numbers so i can sort logically.

i have 100+ channels so doing it in MP is fine, once, but i have re-done this a few times now...

i assume you can locally modify the channel numbering on each Client, is that in some sort of editable file ?

is there a better way of doing this ? I like the 4TR method, but i have linux clients so can't use that backend at the moment.

Why not use FTR with linux ? I use it, have problem with live-tv sd channels that I havn't figure out yet, but everything else works same as windows.

That said, I have problems with channel order in xbmc, it refuse to save my settings.
4TR is not in the OpenElec builds - I have a more generic linux box about, i'll try that see if it works better, but i thought that margro was developing on MP and that would be best to use...

You can download the linux addon for FTR in the XBMC client thread on the FTR forums (www.4therecord.eu). It'll install and work in OpenElec, I've done it. I also think it's better than the stock MePo addon (because I prefer FTR overall, not because the coding quality is better in one vs the other).

That said channel sorting is one of those things that isn't quite all the way there yet in XBMC PVR. With the FTR addon, I can have it sort based on how I have them sorted in FTR, but I have to do the sorting in FTR, it can't be done inside XBMC. You also have to reset the PVR db if you change the order.

XBMC PVR is very much still a work in progress; there have been great strides and fantastic effort on the part of several developers, and it's definitely usable, but right now you should get in to it understanding that it's still evolving. Your feedback/testing will help Smile
Can you pls say how you got it sortet, step by step, because I have it sortet perfect in FTR, but xbmc only does alphabet, even though I checked use backend order, even added 1,2,3.... lcn numbers to channels. Could it be because I'm using channel groups ? Are you using channel groups, or just "all channels" ?
- edited - found what i wanted
What really is the best way to sort channels in FTR as using the built in methods are really messy and again XBMC only takes channels in A-Z unlike media portal.
As suspencted, I had to sort "all channels" not the channel groups I had created. Once "all channels" was sortet correct everything else was correct also.
As clarification a bit of background information:
The problem with the current PVR API is that we can't pass a sorting order independent from the channel numbers from the pvr addon to XBMC. Sorting each channel group differently cannot be transferred to XBMC at the moment. The API needs to be extended with a separare sorting order field to pass the order from MePo to XBMC in a proper way for every channel group.

first of all thanks margro for all the great work with the PVR extensions.

I am having a frustrating issue and seeing this thread maybe it's a problem with my set-up. I can't seem to be able to get the channels sorted in XBMC, not even in alphabetical order!

I sorted the All Channels group in MP TvServer as described here, by Name, I checked Use backend order in XBMC, I resetted the PVR db multiple times, but still the order the channels appear are still in the order they were first added to the system during the tuning.

To be fair though, when i select a sort in TvServer and press OK, when I go back to the group it has not kept the sort. I'm not sure if this is standard functionality.

Anyone has experienced this? I would even be happy if I forced XBMC to sort the channels alphabetically itself, but I can't seem to. Maybe it's the skin I am using? (Aeon Nox)

Thanks in advance.

(Edit - Adding configuration)
Mediaportal TvServer v1.2.3 on Windows 7
XBMC v11.0 Eden PVR v4 Windows setup (github/margro/Eden-pvr PVR build) on Windows 7
Prebuild Windows setup of XBMC Master (Frodo 12.x alpha 3 + PVR) (github/margro/master PVR build) on Windows XP
As I said in my previous post. I can't tell XBMC to use the sorting order from the TV Server. The only information that XBMC can use is either the internal TV Server channel id (database record number) or the public LCN channel number.
(2012-10-16, 21:40)margro Wrote: [ -> ]As I said in my previous post. I can't tell XBMC to use the sorting order from the TV Server. The only information that XBMC can use is either the internal TV Server channel id (database record number) or the public LCN channel number.

Thanks margro, and sorry for the late reply.

However I also said that I can't seem to be able to force XBMC to sort the channels alphabetically on its side either, but I've seen someone somewhere mention they could, so I was wondering if I was missing something? I am using your Eden compiled with PVR.

To be fair, I wouldn't care so much for the sorting, but my gf finds it a pain looking for the channel she wants.

Can you confirm how the channel number would be chosen with 'always use channel order from backend' disabled?

I thought it was the idChannel column from the 'Channel' table.. but i've modified mine to suit my order and i'm getting wierd results; http://pastebin.com/sUr5EFLQ

Notice the initial channel loading order is correct (ie. using idChannel) - but the EPG load has assigned the correct channel number but displays them in the wrong order (E4, E4+1, BBC HD etc.) they are also displayed in this order in the guide/channel list...

I've looked everywhere but can't figure out why it's doing it, any ideas?

Using Frodo B2, latest Mediaportal addon and TVServerXBMC plugin with MePo TVServer 1.3a

Ps. Unfortunately I can't use the easy fix of changing the LCN for my channels, since some are using blasters for STB, so the channel number has to match that on the cable box..
I have the same issue. I have all my channels orderded (All channels and a newly created group 'Ziggo"). So in MP all my HD channels are at the top of my channel lists but I can't get it to synchronize with XBMC, XBMC always uses the 'channelNumber' column of the 'tuningdetail' table but I would like it to use the 'sortOrder' column of the 'channel' table from my MP database. That's how it's sorted in MP TV Server configuration.

Anyone know a solution, tool or work-around? I rather not mess with my database.
No easy fix. It is either sorting on channel number in XBMC or based on the order in which the channels are transferred to XBMC.
I can't tell XBMC to use the sortingOrder because XBMC does not have a separate sortingOrder field. This is something to add to the PVR API wishlist for post-Frodo

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