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Full Version: XBMC crash on EPG toggling
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I have a problem concerning PVR implementation in Aeon Nox 3.0:

Everytime you toggle through the different EPG types it crashes when the EPG grid appears.
Here is the debug log part concerning the crash:

20:59:12 T:5296 DEBUG: SDLKeyboard: scancode: 4d, sym: 0113, unicode: 0000, modifier: 0
20:59:12 T:5296 DEBUG: CApplication::OnKey: right (f083) pressed, action is Right
20:59:12 T:5296 DEBUG: CApplication::ExecuteXBMCAction : Translating SendClick(31)
20:59:12 T:5296 DEBUG: CApplication::ExecuteXBMCAction : To SendClick(31)
20:59:12 T:5296 DEBUG: CGUIWindowPVRGuide - PVR::CGUIWindowPVRGuide::UpdateData - update window 'epg'. set view to 16
20:59:13 T:5296 DEBUG: CGUIEPGGridContainer - EPG::CGUIEPGGridContainer::SetStartEnd - start=05/10/2012 20:30:00 end=05/17/2012 20:30:00
20:59:13 T:5296 DEBUG: EPG::CGUIEPGGridContainer::UpdateItems completed successfully in 287 ms
20:59:13 T:5296 ERROR: exception in CApplication::FrameMove()
20:59:13 T:5296 DEBUG: SECTION:UnloadDelayed(DLL: special://xbmcbin/system/players/dvdplayer/avcore-0.dll)
20:59:13 T:5296 ERROR: exception in CApplication::FrameMove()
20:59:13 T:5296 ERROR: Previous line repeats 9 times.
20:59:13 T:5296 ERROR: CApplication::FrameMove(), too many exceptions

This happens for all users who choose the epg grid.
here is an example bug report: https://github.com/BigNoid/Aeon-Nox/issues/220

As you can see, I´m using a sendclick() to toggle the epg views. i already tried conveting the media menu back to the way confluence does it (no sendclick) and also exchanged the comlete epggrid control with the one from confluence but that doesn´t help. Does anyone have an idea what could cause this?
bump. noone havin an idea?
finally found the "bug". i learned that i may never use numitems or numpages for epg grid. :o
i've ran into this issue again. whenever i try to go to timeline, it crashes xbmc. any ideas why this would happen? i tested it out in confluence and it works just fine.

also, i've noticed that even though "show OSD when channel is changed" is selected, it wont show anything. once again, checked confluence, didn't have an issue.

the two things stopping this from being a perfect skin Big Grin
Did you try reporting it at github/opdenkamp? If you include the crash log with a stack trace you increase the chance for Lars to fix the bug.