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Full Version: atv2 no signal-keeps rebooting
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i tried updating xbmc, and for some reason my atv2 ended up losing signal on my atv2 ( tried unplugging and everything ) after giving up hope i figured it must've been something i've done while trying to update ( have no idea how i managed to screw something so simple) so i looked online, every solution possibile involved SSH-ing into the atv2 which is a problem because every 3-5 minutes the atv2 reboots and i lose connection. My atv2 is on 4.4.4 so rejailbreaking isn't an option ( don't want the newer version ) kind of new here and don't know much so bare with me. Hope someone can help! thanks.

/Applications/AppleTV.app/ApplĀ­iances/XBMC.frappliance: No such file or directory --- this pops up when i tried updating if that helps??