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Full Version: music ratings
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Hi guys, i know that xbmc pulls through your song ratings from windows, and i know if you use itunes it can pull through those ratings but is there any add-on out there that automatically rates songs against say itunes store or amazon store etc?

I just don't want to have to rate loads of individual songs..

appriciate any help Smile
No but that is a really nice idea.

I hope one day someone will start a proper community driven music db.
What's a proper community driven music db to you?
Something similar to TMDB or TVDB, user driven community site that also allows for ratings and reviews.

Last.FM comes close but not quite....
Did you try MusicBrainz? It doesn't have reviews, but it does have user ratings - even if most users don't seem to use it a lot.

I find myself wishing TMDb and TVDb were more like MusicBrainz actually. :)
(2012-05-23, 00:54)Freso Wrote: [ -> ]Did you try MusicBrainz? It doesn't have reviews, but it does have user ratings - even if most users don't seem to use it a lot.

I find myself wishing TMDb and TVDb were more like MusicBrainz actually. Smile

The power of MusicBrainz is it can link to other sites as well. Which we can the scrape for missing info.

Features such as proper entity merges, open edit history, voting on edits, etc. are also great pluses in MusicBrainz' favour, from an editor's point-of-view.
Was there ever any news on this? Still love a feature like this!
(2012-09-26, 18:14)leftyleft Wrote: [ -> ]Was there ever any news on this? Still love a feature like this!

Seems I actually did something for once Wink



The API exists to return a list of the top 10 songs for any artist on that database, just needs someone to write the plugin. People can also vote on the best songs, albums or artists on the site.

Also the official iPhone app has last.fm chart functionality now which is very cool when discovering new music and controlling XBMC at the same time.
Hi folks Big Grin

I'm new in this XBMC-game. Since I'm a hi-fi nerd I've preferd my music on hard-media. But the 5 last years I've realized that the Flac-format is fine as well Smile (for the record, I by all my music, Spotify/itunes-store SUCK!
My music collection consist of about 45 000 tracks (that's about 3000 cd's !), and I've tagged them (with much work and pation) all (90%) with Mediamonkey. But I've not focused on the reviews though, since I've still to find a good solution to read them while I'm playing the tracks/albums. Untill I discovered XBMC....

There is still several things yet to be fixed untill XBMC is the "PERFECT SOLUTION" when it comes to music (the movie/TV part is GREAT btw!), but it's the best so far Smile
And all the "Basics" is there. excpet proper scraper and tagging.... After I've start using XBMC for a few month ago, I'm now in the prosess of collecting CDarts and do some re-tagging to make it perfect in XBMC and MM as well. (I copy all to iTunes as well, 198 kb/s VBS for my ipod/iphone. My x-girlfriend prefered it in this format because of less storage size, but I newer use itunes to mu tagging. Or listening for that matter...)

There is plenty of music databases out there. More or less serious that is. Special when it comes to reviews and lyrics.
This is partly the reason I've tagged my music by "hand". I will have absolutely 100% controll of my taggs, and will have no scraper to come and "troll" it up.
When it comes to XBMC I would pleased to have some solution to import ALL of my taggs. Is there somehow I can make XBMC to use the taggs in my music files? Like lyrics and comments/reviews, copyrights, labels etc. that I've saved in the taggs? Lyrics is a pain in the ass, when I KNOW i've saved them (they show up in iTunes, ipods and stuff, and XBMC- lyric-addons can't find them.... Sad I also have noticed that XBMC scrapes on "artist", and not "Album Artist" like Mediamonkey do. This make som difficulties for my compelations, Where I've tagged the artists name under "Artist" and the compelation's name as "Album-artist" ("Absolute music" as "album artist" and ... "Shakira" as track-artist, iykwim) This is a great way to make the tracks and the compolation name, searchable in Mediamonkey, itunes, Winamp etc....

The FanartTV's database have been great in the work of finding fanart, cdart and stuff. It would be great if it also had reviews and tracklists and some easy facts.
and with a dedicated XBMC (and other fronter ware) scraper(s) this would have been a great solution. BTW: I have an issue with the artist-banners and logos from FanartTV. I can't make them work. The logo's are named "logo.dng" in each album-folder. But i can't make them work in XBMCHuh

I would love to help someone to build a Music database for XBMC users, but I'm not much of a programmer, I'm sorry.... But I know what kind of meta is "important" to have, and I'm not afraid for writing reviews my self Wink

My point is that I would love a database (with scraper) online, but I would realy preferd a solution for using my own taggs, without writing plenty of nfo's witch I had done for my movie collection

(PS! I have seriously problem with music in the "neon" skin. Only this jukebox-thing shows up, and no music. This force me to use the Nox skin (wich is a great skin, but I like the neon better... ) What am I doing wrong??)