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Full Version: How do i install on apple tv 2?
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hi i been trying around to install that skin. i look all over the net for answer.
what should i do with .rar file the you gave for download?
when i press "install from zip" the rar is not shown. to i unpack the rar and zip it. than i get the message "add-on does not have the correct structure"
i try to acsses apple tv from cyberduck (ssh)
but i didn't find the "front row" folder. and not the xbmc folder.

is theres a repo that i can install this skin from him?

You can't, there is no compatible version for now.
Is that because of space? Or are you simply trying to blow off that chap? I have it running, and for quite some time now, on my ATV1. I'm not sure I can live without "my" skin. I will continue on and see what happens. Sure would be nice to have this in the .zip format that XBMC prefers (not sure what it looks for, perhaps a config file, haven't looked into it). Or maybe a repo to download it from?